Sale by Jean delavoye, Barbe L'Homme
to Paul Martel
15th June 1700
Notary Chamballon

Before the King's notary in the provostry of Quebec undersigned here residing
and witnesses hereafter named were present Jean delavoye resident
living in the seigniory of Villieu, and Barbe lhomme his wife who he authorizes
to the effect of theses clauses, who, of their own free will have recognized
and confessed having sold, ceded, quitted, reqlinquished, transfered
by virtue of this document, now and for always, promising together
and individually concerning the property in each other's name, renouncing
to the benefit of division and ... guarantee from all troubles, mortgages
and other impediments generally, to Paul Martel
also residant living in the island of Saint Laurent, parish of Saint Pierre
here present and willing acquiree for himself, his heirs, and having cause
in the future; That is to say, one parcel of land and buildings found and situated
in the said seigniory of Villieu, comprising three arpents in width by
forty arpents in depth, whose land joins on one side
to the southwest to the home of Louis Ayot, and from the other side, the northeast
du to that of Jacques bergeron, from the front end to the river, and from the other end
to the ungranted lands of the said seigniory of Villieu; as it is
found along with its contents with a .... of fifteen feet square
of stone on stone covered in bark, and a small add-on of standing stakes serving
as stable, and an old lean-to, falling to pieces and of no use, all of which
is built upon it, without any thing, or lien, or retenue to the said sellers
which the own by way of a land concession that they received from the seignior of the said
place, in the month of February 1694, and which they promise to hand over
to the said buyer ....; Being in the quitrent of the said seigniory
of Villieu whose rent is that of three rabbits and three capons
of segniorial dues and three sols of rent payable each
each year at the feast of Toussaint; ........................ and free
of the said quitrents and all other debts or mortgages
or other liens in arrears from the past to the present; so that
the said land and buildings be theirs to enjoy, do and dispose of by the buyer
his heirs and having cause, in complete ownership in perpetuity by
vertue of these presents; This sale, cession and transfer made
with the burden of quitrent for the future; and all for
the price and sum of two hundred and eighty
livres; Which sum has been payed this day to the said sellers,
that is the sum of two hundred and twenty five livres by Jean Bouchard
dit dorval, resident of the said Isle of Saint Laurent, who has given ...
the said sum, today, to the said buyer; and which sum he has directed to be paid to his ...
also seller by the said Sr. Joseph ... merchant of this city
as well as the said sellers, have recognized, acquitted and discharged; and
in regards to the fifty five livres remaining, the said buyer promises to
pay to Adrien Ayot, also resident of the said place of Villieu, here
present and accepting for the said sellers at the feast
of La Toussaint, next year; by means of which the said loan of two hundred
and twenty five livres made by the said bouchard, also here present, to the said buyer
to pay the said sellers, as he understood it; The said buyer
promise to pay the said bouchard when he requests it under penalty ......
.....................; by which means the said sellers cede
and transfer to the said buyers .........; & promising
and consenting &c For such &c have the said sellers sold the
........, and the said buyers ..... the said bouchard and the said ayot all
of the movables and immovables present and in the future
renoncing &c made and contracted in the said quebec in the study of the said notary
in the afternoon of the fifteenth day of June seventeen hundred, In the presence of
sirs Jerosme Corda.... and pierre Huguet...
witnesses residing in the said quebec, who have signed with the said sellers
The said buyer, the said Bouchard having declared being unable to do so
when asked; the said Ayot and notary have signed.

Adoré chayon P huguet
Corda Chambalon

I certify having given and granted to
Jean delavoye a land Concession of three
arpents frontage by forty in depth
in the seigniory of Mr de Villieu, to
the northeast to Adrian Hayot, with the conditions
attached, and upon stipulation however that the said
land not be granted, or that the Sieur
de villieu has not kept it for himself
made in quebec this 9th February 1694.
dela Valliere