Sale by Pierre Delavoye
and his wife to Captain Jaurin
12 oct 1666
Notary Romain Becquet Quebecq

Before Romain Becquet Royal Notary
in New France and witnesses undersigned, were
present in person Pierre Delavoye and Jacquette
Grignon, his wife, by him duly authorized for
presents, presently residing in this city of quebecq;
Who have recognized & confess having sold, ceded,
tranferred and relingquished , … from this day forward and for always
and promise to guarantee from any and all toubles and impediments
whatsoever, to Sr. pierre jasmin capt’n
of the ship named "Moullin d'or" now anchored near
this said city, here present, and accepting & acquiring for himself and his
heirs & having cause in the future, One half of a quarter or
thereabouts of land in Aytre near LaRoshelle at the fief
of Des Buttes joining at one end the road leading to the said place of Aytre
to the city of laRoshelle, on another side to the lands belonging to Sr. de Cabosse
one side to the lands of sieur guibout, the other to those
of sieur Crisot, also a seller having come into their possession
by the advent and demise of pierre Grignon and
Symonne Grisot father and mother of the said Jacquette Grignon;
And the said half of one quarter of land being in the ... of the said
fief of Buttes et subject to charges … for the Lord thereon,
of three sols in quitrent , for ... & ... other
charges, debts or mortgages whatsoever, as well as
the said seller have said and affirmed that they are free of arrears
of quitrent from the past to the present, For the said
half of one quarter of land, to be enjoyed, ... by the said sire
buyer and his heirs & having cause as he
sees fit …………….. This sale
made on condition that .........and .........and …
for the sum of fifty livres
that the said seller ........... from the said sire
and purchaser, who has paid and handed over the said sum
in the presence fo the said notary & witnesses undersigned
in silver louis and ready money. ….
renouncing &c made and contracted in the said Quebecq
in the study of the said notary on Tuesday before noon
twelveth day of October sixteen hundred and sixty
six …. Jacques Rissault, Boudellisle and
Salomon leclaire residing in the said quebecq
witnesses who have signed this document with the said
seller, the said purchaser & notary,
according to the ordinance … …. …
and the said Grignon has declared being unable to sign
when asked to do so accoring to the ordinance
……………….. obliging &c
P delavois Pierre Lamarre
Jacques Rissaut
Salomon St Claire