Death Notices of the Ottawa Citizen

Antoine-Abraham Lavoie 1855-1935 husband of Phélonise Lafleur

Phélonise Lafleur 1863-1924 wife of Antoine-Abraham Lavoie

Mathilda Lavoie 1866-1943 wife of Jean-Baptiste Jolicoeur

Lucia Lavoie 1893-1949 wife of James McGuire

Antoine J-Bte Lavoie 1891-1973 husband of Marie-Anne Pilon

Arline Bellemare 1860-1948 wife of Alexandre Pilon

Alexandre Pilon 1857-1924 husband of Arline Bellemare

M-Anna Pilon 1892-1973 wife of Antoine J-Bte Lavoie

Rose-Delima Lavoie 1887-1925 wife of Jean-Baptiste Desjardins

J-Bte Wilfrid Lavoie 1898-1966 husband of Kathleen Bryson

J-Paul Lavoie 1927-2007 husband of Solange Morin

Victor Lavoie 1924-1969 husband of Aline Whissell

Eugene Whissell 1903-1968 husband of Valeda Champagne

Valeda Champagne 1903-1983 wife of Eugene Whissell

Aline Whissell 1927-1991 wife of Victor Lavoie

Roger Whissell 1932-1994 husband of Monique Larose

Maurice Whissell 1928-1980 husband of Lucienne Faucher

Georgette Whissell 1925-1994 daughter of Eugene Whissell