Marriage Contract between
Jean Delavoye & Barbe L'Homme
3 Septembre 1690
Notary François Genaple, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Québec

Before françois Genaple notary
and notekeeper for the King in his provostship of québecq in
New France, were present Jean delaVoye
soldier of the chateau garrison in this city, son
of Pierre Delavoye resident of the Seigneurie de Maure,
and the late Jacquette Grignon his father
and mother, speaking for him and in his name, and Jacques le
Meilleur resident of the said Seigneurie and Marie Valade
his wife, former wife of the late Michel lhomme
here authorized by her said husband, acting and stipulating
for Barbe Lhomme daughter of the said late Lhomme
and the said Valade of another part; Which parties
by ... and advice and in the presence of their parents
and friends hereafter named, That is on the part of the said
LaVoye, the said father, of Sr Jacques Becquet
sargent of the said garrison, and of Jean Saunier?
residing in this town; And on the part of the said Le
Meilleur his wife and the said daughter, of Yvonne
Mignot wife of Antoine Gaboury resident of the
said Seigneurie de Maure, Have made together
the accords and promises of marriage which follow
that is that the said Jean delavoye and barbe lhomme
promise to take one another in name and
legal marriage, which marriage to be made and celebrated before Our
Holy Church as soon as possible so that on the day
of their wedding, to unite as one in all property
personal and whatever real estate according to the custom
of Paris, without being in any way responsible for the debts of one another
made and created beforehand, and if any exist
to be paid and acquitted against the property of whoever
has created them; In favor of the said marriage
the said LeMeilleur and his said wife promise to feed, lodge
and provide warmth in their home to the said future couple during
a period of six months from the date of the said marriage or afterwards
and in addition ... of wood during the coming winter
in order to build them a house of twenty feet in length
in cedar, by sixteen in width, and deliver the said wood
on the shores of the river .... .... .... on
condition that the said future husband will aid the said
Le meilleur to square the said wood, the said future
couple take one another in addition to the respective rights
that they each enjoy, acquire, or to acquire
and has the said future husband dowered the said future wife
of the usual dowry, or of the sum of three
hundred pounds worth of dowry, which will be her choice
to take against the property of the said community
when dowry takes place; And for the love that they have for one another
reciprocally, the have each made a mutual donation intervivos
to one another of all of the property owned by the deceased on
the day of his/her death,
in the form of acquests or bequests, or personal as much as in movables
as immovables, to enjoy in complete ownership
for always by the survivor, his heirs, and having cause
on condition however that no children
living or about to he born from this said marriage; and in the event
that the said future husband predecease his said future wife
the said future wife, and her legal childredn will be free
to accept or renounce the said community
and in case of renunciation to retake all that appears to have
come their way either by succession, donation or
otherwise, along with her said dowry, linens and personal everyday clothes
... ..... without being held responsible for any debts
of this said community even if they are obliged
or condemned to do so: for which reason
the community will be mortgaged from this day forward.
For such was agreed to, designating the notary
the bearer of this document to be legally entered
Promising & binding &
Renouncing & made and passed in the home
of ... Leongaud, St .. street, in the said Quebec
in the afternoon of the third day of September
of the year sixteen hundred and ninety
in the presence of jean Gallong and Pierre Boue
carpenters of this said city... for
witnesses who have signed along with the said lavoye Pierre
and the said Sr Becket ... ... and the said
future couple with the other parents and friends
before named have declared being unable to do so
after being asked.
Jacque becket jean gallon
Pierre ...
Genaple Ntre