Marriage Contract
René Lavoye and Marguerite Beaulieu
22 Octobre 1772
notary Sanguinet

Before the notaries
of the province of Quebec, residing in the city of
Montréal and undersigned
were present René Lavoy farmer, residing
in the parish of St. Laurent Stipulating for himself and
in his name of one part.

And marie anne Turcot, also residing in the said
location, widow of the late Jean Bte Baulieu Stipulating
for margueritte Baulieu her daughter, here present,
and with her consent, stipulating for her and in her name of another

Which parties, in the presence of and with the advice
and consent of their parents and friends hereafter
named, that is, on the part of the said future groom
of Charles Lavoye his brother, Jacques Dubau.
And on the part of the said future bride, of marie-anne
Turcot her mother, Joseph Baulieu her brother, Charles
Turcot her uncle, marie anne Baulieu her sister,
michel Charetier? husband of Jeanne Perault his wife,
and her cousins

Have willingly recognized and confessed having
made between themselves the treaties, accords and marriage conventions
which follow. That is to say that
the said René Lavoy and the said marguerite Baulieu
have promised and promise to take one another
as husband and wife in name and legal
marriage before our mother the Holy Church
as soon as possible after deliberation and advice
between themselves, their parents and friends.

The future couple shall form a community of all their belongings,
movables, and immovables that they will acquire during
the marriage according to the disposition and
custom of this country upon which all agreements
entered in their marriage contract shall be judged and
to which custom they submit, denouncing all other customs
to this effect

Will not be held to the debts of one another
made and created before the marriage and if any exist
they shall be paid and acquitted by
and against the property of whoever has made and contracted them
without the other being in any way liable.

The future couple take one another along
with each other's respective property and rights, and
in whatever form that they may consist of without further
mention or designation.

The said future groom has dowered and dowers the said future
bride of the sum of six hundred shillings, currency of this province,
as a dowry prefix on the property of the community
as soon as dowry takes place without having
to request it in court.
The preciput shall be equal and mutual in favor
of the survivor to the sum of three hundred shillings
that the survivor shall take in ready cash or in
equivalent value against the property of the community
following its inventory, in addition to the furnished bed
in the condition that it will be found, personal effects, clothes, and
everyday linens. In the case of the future husband, his rifle, and in the
case of the future wife, her rings and jewelry.

And in the case of dissolution of the said community either
because of death or otherwise, will be permitted to the said
future wife to accept or renounce the said community,
and in case of renunciation, to retake all that she has
justifiably brought to the said community, including
all that she may have acquired either by inheritance,
donation, succession, gift, or otherwise, in addition
to her dowry and preciput as outlined above,
without being held liable in any way for the debts of the
said community even if she is condemned, told to do so or
obligated, for which reason she will be guaranteed and reimbursed
from the property belonging to the said future husband and for which
reason they are hereby mortgaged from this day forward.

It was understood and ageed upon between the said parties
that the said children born from the first marriage of the said René
Lavoye and the late magdeleine Dubeau
shall be brought up, fed, kept for, and taught in
the Roman Catholic religion by the said future couple
and at the expense of the said present community, based
on the revenue from their said property, as stipulated
between them, up and until the age of eighteen years.
This has been agreed upon by the said future bride
in order to show the affection that she has towards
her future husband. Similarly, in order to show the affection
and sincere friendship that the said future husband has towards his said future wife,
he has by these presents, made a donation, pure and simple and irrevocable
to the said future wife, here accepting for herself and heirs
having cause, of an equal share and portion of all of his
personal and fixed property, in addition to
the property, present and future, that one of his children,
shall have and take in the future
succession following his demise, as is permitted
by the edict concerning second marriages, to enjoy and dispose of
by the said future wife and heirs having cause, in complete ownership
as outlined by this present donation.

And to have these presents insinuated where the need
arises, the said future couple have designated their
procurator as bearer &c., For such &c.,
promising &c., obliging &c., renouncing &c.,
made and contracted in the said Montreal in the suburb
of St Laurent, in the house of Michel Choret
in the year seventeen hundred and seventy two,
the twenty second day of October, before noon, and have
the said notaries signed, the said future couple
and other parents and friends have declared
being unable to do so and have made their marks
following its reading.

X ... X ... X.....X....X M Choret

marie jeanne pereaux ..... Chaurette

F Simonnet ............ Sanguinet