Marriage of Guillaume Lavoie & Louise Millaire
10 August 1819
parish of St-Martin, Laval county, Québec

In the year eighteen hundred and nineteen, the 10th of August, following the publication
of three marriage banns made during the masses on three consecutive Sundays
between Guillaume Lavoie, major, carpenter, of this parish of one part and Louise Milair
minor, daughter of David Milair and of Suzanne Thibaut, also of this parish of another
part, and finding no impediments or other opposition, I undersigned priest
with the consent of the parents, have received their mutual consent of marriage
and have administered the nuptual blessing along with the ceremonies
prescribed by the Holy Church, in the presence of
Jean-Baptiste Lavoie father, Charles Lavoie uncle of the groom, and of
Jean and Joseph Milair brothers of the bride, who along with the couple have
declared being unable to sign.

Mt Brunet Ptre.