Contract of Engagement
10 June 1757
Notary Blanzy

Was present René Lavoye, resident of côte St Laurent on this island, this day present in Montreal, who has volontarily hired himself by these presents, to Sieur Thomas Dufy, resident of this said city, here present and accepting, so that at his initial request, depart from this city in a canoe laden with merchandise, to take it all the way to the post of Missilimakinac, and return the same year by the normal convoys, in a canoe loaded with furs, to handle the canoe on the journey there and back, to take care, during the journey, of his canoe, merchandise, furs, victuals, et utensils necessary to this present voyage, to obey the said sieur or his representatives, to serve him faithfully, make his profit, avoid his loss, warn him if any come to his knowledge generally, to not engage in any personal trade or to leave his employ under penalty of the ordinance, and to lose all his wages and employment, for the sum of three hundred livres that the said sieur promises and binds himself to pay the said employee upon his return to this city as his salary and wages for the voyage, in ready currency of this country, for such &c., promising &c., made and contracted in the city of Montreal, in the study of the notary, in the year seventeen hundred and fifty seven, the tenth of June, before noon, and the notary has signed, the said employee having declared being unable to write nor sign after being asked to do so following the reading.