Marriage of Abraham Lavoie & Onésime Couvrette
10 October 1854
parish of St-Martin, Laval county, Québec

On the 10th of October of the year eighteen hundred and fifty four, following
the publication of one marriage bann, made during the Sunday mass
between Abraham Lavoie, voyageur residing in this parish,
of legal age, son of the late Guillaume Lavoie, and of Louise Millaire
of St-Calixte of one part, and Onesime Couvrette, of legal age,
daughter of the late Jean-Marie Couvret, farmer and Rose Bergeron
of this parish of another part. The parties have obtained dispensation of
two banns by monseignior Larocque bishop of Montreal, dated the eighth of
the present month, and having found no impediment or objection to the said
marriage, I, undersigned priest, having received their mutual consent to marry
have given them the nuptual blessing in the presence of David Couvret brother
, François Clément friend of the bride, Jérome Lavoie, Louis Jasmins friend
of the groom, who along with the couple were unable to sign.