Marriage of Jean-Baptiste Lavoye and Catherine Aubry
16th September 1727
Parish of St-Pierre, St-Laurent, Montreal

In the year seventeen hundred and twenty seven, the sixteenth day of the month of September, after having announced three marriage banns in the sermons during the parish masses, that is the first on Sunday the seventh day of the present month, the second, on the day of the Nativity, eighth of the said month, and the third, on Sunday the fourteenth of the same month, between Jean Baptiste Lavoix, aged twenty nine, son of the late Jean Baptiste Lavoix and of Barbe L'Homme, his father and mother, from la Prairie de La Magdeleine, and Catherine Aubry, aged sixteen and a half, daughter of Francois Aubry and of Jeanne Bouteiller, her father and mother of this parish, similar publication having been made in the parish church of La Prairie de La Magdeleine by mister Poulin, priest of the said church, as it appeared to me in his certificate dated the fifteenth of this month, being in my possession, and no opposition having been found, I undersigned, missionary priest in the parish church of St Laurent, Island of Montreal, have received their mutual consent of marriage and have given them the nuptual blessing along with the ceremonies prescribed by the Holy Church, in the presence of Jean Le Meilleur, uncle of the husband, and Jacques Le Meilleur, his cousin, of Francois Aubry, father to the wife, of Thomas Le Tendre her cousin, and of many other parents and friends of the said parties and witnesses.

Has signed Catherine Aubry. The others have declared being unable to do so.

Catherine Aubry, Hourde pretre.